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Have Search Engines Discover All Pages in Your Website

Using HTML and XML sitemaps you can help search engines to:
  • Lessen crawler bandwidth load on your webserver.
  • Improve speed of finding and showing changed content.
  • Determine what pages to show in search engine result pages.
  • Index your entire website including forums and shopping pages.

The most important website sitemaps to create are:
  • Text sitemaps: Simple format that Google, Yahoo and most search engines support.
  • HTML sitemap: Help humans to find all pages using a HTML website sitemap.
  • RSS sitemaps: RSS protocol uses XML and is especially useful for blogs and feeds.
  • XML sitemaps protocol: Keep Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing and more search engines informed.

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  • Create and upload text, HTML, RSS and XML website sitemaps.
  • Ping search engines to inform them about your text and XML sitemaps.

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Build Sitemaps Now

  • Boost crawler performance and server resources using multiple connections.
  • Crawl everything from small to huge websites consisting of thousands of pages.
  • Scan and create sitemaps of websites on internet, localhost, LAN, CD-ROM and disks.
  • Use our site map creator on static and dynamic websites such as blogs, forums and stores.
  • Integrated FTP sitemap upload and search engines ping when XML sitemap changes.
  • Command line interface includes load project, scan website, build sitemap and FTP upload.

HTML Sitemaps

  • Create HTML sitemaps spanning multiple pages.
  • Includes options for fully customize the HTML sitemap template.
  • Many HTML sitemap layout settings, e.g. 2 and 3 column layouts.

XML Sitemaps

  • Can calculate Google XML sitemap priority values for all pages in website.
  • Save webserver bandwidth by using GZip compression of all XML sitemap files.
  • Can create a xml sitemap index file and split your XML sitemap into multiple files.
  • Inform Google about all your images and videos in your website.

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